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Cool Hip Facts

1. Medical jargon for your hips is ox coxae – now say that three times quickly!

2. Each hip bone is actually three bones that have fused together (ilium, pubis, and ischium)

3. The hip bone fits into the acetabulum - the concave portion which is the socket.

4. A woman’s pelvis and hips have obvious differences as compared to a man's for one main reason. You guessed it - childbirth!

5. Superior aperture is the circular area that you see in this picture.

6. The “joint capsule” is actually the ligaments that support your hip joint! These include the iliofemoral ligament (strongest ligament of the human body), the pubofemoral ligament and the ischiofemoral ligament.

7. There are songs about hips and The Hips Don’t Lie!

Check out this video explanation of your anatomy!

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