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Hopeful Hippies

The Full Story

Hopeful Hippies is a place for you to come to find ways to get through your hip journey with positivity, humor, hope and a growth mindset.  

Many times, you will find internet support groups that provide some hope sprinkled with an unhealthy amount of negative stories.  Some stories include years of misdiagnosis, failed surgeries and broken trust with the professionals that are here to serve you.  This website is focused on the stories of success regardless of the difficult road to get to that success.  Some patients may have Femoroacetabular Impingement that has caused labral tears and others may have a hip that is complicated by hip dysplasia or laxity.  Others may not have been listened to and their pain and complaints misunderstood while they struggled for years to find a caring doctor who understood. 

Within this website, it is hoped that you will find helpful hints and resources to keep that positivity through your journey even when the day seems impossibly long.  Hope is the best medicine and will allow you to walk through the door into the future.

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