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There are so many amazing organizations and groups across this connected hip world. The hip bone is connected to the thigh bone rings a bell. You get the idea!

Miles4Hips is another organization which is supporting hip dysplasia awareness and was recently featured on the Hip Hope Network's International Hip Health Day on May 30th. So I wanted to dig a little deeper to see the why behind the organization. In the words of Simon Sinek, "“If you can clearly articulate the dream or the goal, start."

So here is the start for Miles4Hips.

What is the why behind the forming of your organization?

Nancy's Ultramarathon

The “Why” behind forming our

organization, Miles4Hips, begins with

our founder, Nancy Muir. It was

originally about following her journey

through running an ultramarathon

and raising money for the

International Hip Dysplasia Institute

or IHDI. She never intended to create

a non-profit, but just a website to

help track the proceeds that she

raised for the IHDI and to keep her

followers updated throughout the

race. But, it became so much more.

Once the race was over. The passion never faded and she

decided to continue on with Miles4Hips. She found others with similar passions for

raising awareness and that where active in the hip dysplasia community to form the

founding board for Miles4Hips. Nancy realized as a patient and health practitioner

(physical therapist), there where many areas lacking in the hip dysplasia field and

community as a whole that she could help bring awareness to and fill the gaps.

Miles4Hips fills those needs to a community and helps bridge the gap between patient

and practitioner through advocacy and awareness.

What do you see as the primary role of Miles4Hips?

We have four main objectives at Miles4Hips:

  • Raise awareness, educate and support hip dysplasia patients/families, surgeons, other healthcare professionals and researchers.

  • Provide accurate, un-biased patient-friendly information and resources for hip dysplasia patients and other non-experts.

  • Develop and support fundraising efforts that contribute to the mission of the IHDI

  • Build community and collaboration between patients, IHDI staff, researchers, surgeons and other medical providers to encourage and support hip dysplasia awareness and advocacy.

Who is your primary audience?

Our primary audience is hip dysplasia patients and families

What are some ways that Miles4Hips helps to engage with the global hip community?

We engage with the global hip community through several different avenues. We do an annual or semi-annual t-shirt sale to raise awareness and raise money for the IHDI. We just finished up with one of them as we speak. The design was even created by a hip dysplasia patient via a contest we ran with the winning design being placed on the fundraiser t-shirt this year. We also do an annual “Day of Movement” where we promote getting

outside for at least 30 mins of exercise, movement, and fun. We encourage groups to

gather for activities, take pictures and videos and submit them to us for an annual video

montage to show what everyone around the world decided to do for their “movement.”

And of course, through it all we use social media as a tool to engage constantly.

Although you are an organization that focuses on pediatrics, many pediatric patients

grow up into adults. Will you also be supporting those adults who had/have pediatric

hip disorders?

We aim to serve the entire community of individuals with hip dysplasia including

infants and children, adolescents and adults, as well as their families and caregivers.

What type of research are you looking to be involved in? Miles4Hips has collaborated

with researchers around the world to help support projects related to hip dysplasia

including the development of a quality of life outcome measures and a study describing

the global experiences of patients with hip dysplasia.

If you could impart on hip patients one message as they travel through their journeys,

what would it be?

The biggest message I could impart on hip patients as they travel through their

journeys is to do thorough research, find a hip preservation specialist who was

fellowship-trained and to ask a lot of questions. Don’t be afraid ask the surgeon

questions. I would also get more than one opinion. The surgeon should be able to help

facilitate getting the second opinion through a referral or recommendation.

Does any music, song or poem speak to your message?

I have a personal quote by C.S. Lewis that I find motivational and relevant to the hip

dysplasia community. “Hardships often prepare ordinary people for an extraordinary

destiny.” As a hip dysplasia patient, caregiver, etc., the journey is hard, but I find that so

many come out stronger, more confident in their capabilities and more resilient from

what they’ve had to endure. I feel that C.S. Lewis couldn’t be speaking to a more

relevant community!

What is your organization's mission statement?

Miles4Hips is a patient-driven, collaborative initiative between individuals affected by

hip dysplasia and the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI), the global leader in

educational, research, and technological initiatives aimed at prevention, early

diagnosis, and innovative treatment options to minimize the long-term impacts of hip

dysplasia. We are dedicated to raising hip dysplasia awareness, supporting the efforts

of the International Hip Dysplasia Institute (IHDI), providing information and

resources for the hip dysplasia community, and promoting the enjoyment of movement

and miles in all people for healthy hips and minds.

M4H Board

From my hopeful hips to yours, this is another demonstration that we are all connected at the hip!

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