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Word of the Day - Wow!

For those of you who are new to this blog or may have forgotten, last year, I shared with each of you a word of the day.

I am starting the month of November, much like I did last year, focusing on a word of the day. This year, I’m not using four letter words at all! I’m on my best behavior. As much as I love, love, love four letter words and the way that they roll off my tongue, this month we are talking about three letter words. I will give you a caveat though – I might need to resort to an acronym if I hit a dry writer’s patch. I found that there was value in this exercise last year. In fact, to some it may have been as valuable as a ruby. To others, I don’t know. For me, it was a great time being able to connect with you on a different level with your feedback, your ah ha moments, and your shared stories.

So, today’s word is simple. Plain and simple. “Wow”. Isn’t that an amazing word? It conjures up the miracle of life. It helps you breathe in the greatness of nature. It can even cause a physical reaction to a moment when you scratch your head and ask yourself, “Are you kidding me?” It has the power to differentiate itself into positivity or negativity.

What was my “wow” moment this week? I think it was taking a new neighbor on a walk up a hill and having her turn around to look at the valley where we live and seeing her realize the patchwork of our farmland and its impact on the rest of the country. What was your wow moment?

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