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Strong and Flexible

Your hips are the bearer of emotions and life and, for many of us, pain. I have not had hip pain in months and it just hit me out of nowhere. My hips had been silent. From utter silence they began yelling at me. “Your hip healing surgeon fixed us, but you need to keep taking care of us!” I reflect. Perhaps I got a little overconfident. Or perhaps I was focusing on everything, but my hips and they got a little jealous for my attention. Who knows. I am refocused. Now. Today. Tomorrow.

I know that movement helps me. It always has. I got up on Monday morning and went to the gym after having two injections a few days back. Plan was to do 15 minutes on the elliptical and then an hour long yoga class - a Rise and Shine kind of class. I knew I would be careful. I knew I would honor my limits. I knew I would check my ego at the door. I knew I would do what my body needed. And I did.

I set my intention for class. “I change my thoughts, I change my world.” I pull myself out of negativity and my world, my perspective will change. Then that perspective can fuel health and healing.

Olivia, my favorite yoga teacher, had the class focus on being balanced in their practice of yoga. Strength and flexibility – equally important. I knew she was speaking about our physical bodies. But I also knew that she was speaking (to me) about having an inner strength, and, at the same time, having a flexible mindset. “Hopeful Hippie, don’t be too hard on yourself” was what my inner voice spoke. “You are strong, but your weakness is your inability to be flexible with yourself.” I know, I know. I am flexible with others, but with myself - not so much.

What I was most surprised though were the tears that accompanied my breath in the resting stage (shavasana) of class. I change my thoughts, I change my world. Most yogis enjoy laying on their backs during this restful time. Most times, I lay on my tummy – it relaxes my hips and I can melt into the mat. And, often times, I can let my anxieties, worries, fears melt away as well. But, this day, was different. I struggled.

Olivia sometimes provides touch and essential oils at the end of class and today tears welled up and floated down my cheeks. I sat up and more tears rolled down my cheeks. What in the world was wrong with me? And then I realized her touch had allowed me to give myself permission to let go. Let go of the worry and the anxiety and those tears were how my body did it. I can be strong and flexible. I am strong and flexible! And so are you.

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