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Sowing Your Seeds

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

I was listening to some music this week by a musician who talked about growing the seeds you sow.

And if we reap what we sow, yes pick good seeds to grow” - Satsang

My goal has always been to pick good seeds that grow flowers that bloom with attitude and resilience. Sometimes my vegetation has wilted when I have forgotten to water with optimism. I don’t have a green thumb so pretty much all of the plants that I have on my patio are succulents – those beautiful and unique plants that give me grace even when I may have forgotten their daily water. On those days when I have forced them into a drought, they still can provide beauty because they have established their own reservoir. Something to fall back on when they are desperate. A safety net that allows them to continue to grow towards the light.

And, this got me to thinking on this incredibly hot day in California, that my self-care is my reservoir for continued growth. It is something that allows me to continue to feed my soul and body. It allows me to lean into the unexpected. It gives me the ability to take one moment at a time instead of going down the rabbit hole of to do lists and busyness.

Some amazing ways to engage in self-care and sow your seeds of gratitude and attitude ultimately depends on what you enjoy.

  • Read a good book

  • Practice mindfulness

  • Drink wine instead of whine

  • Exercise

  • Enjoy time with friends

  • Be still

  • Eat ice cream

  • Drink a figurative and literal glass of lemonade

Sowing your seeds of hope and optimism will allow you to charge head on into life and to bloom!

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