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A Pebble's Value

Upward. Trudging. Step by step. I can’t do it. It is impossible. Sweat dripping down the back of my neck. Tears in my eyes. I bend. I pick up another large boulder and put it into my backpack. I weigh myself down. I make my journey more difficult. The weight of those boulders magnify my angst, my struggle, my anguish.

But, wait! I have done it. I made a conscious decision to be lighter. It won’t show on my scale and who cares if it does or does not.

I have hurled my boulders down. They have now become pebbles.

This concept is amazing, right? You weigh yourself down with heavy rocks – the rocks may have the name of perfectionism, worry, anxiety, self-worth. Yet, you have the power to repurpose those boulders. You can choose to throw the boulders down as they crash into the ground below.

Even though they are now smaller – they can bathe you as if they were pixy dust. Positivity. Resilience. Hopefulness. Fearlessness. Grace. Self-love. Determination.

Imagine that you have gracefully moved your arms overhead and your face is looking towards the sun. The light, airy particles of your pixy dust have fluttered down onto your body and your perspective has changed. You close your eyes. and twirl around as if you were a child and, with glee, smile! You open your eyes and all you see is brightness and dreams being lived.

I was so appreciative of the opportunity this last week to participate in an online “Satsang” hosted by Natasha Walters of Bodyworks Yoga Studio and featuring Girish and Rolf Gates. There was music, meditation, mindfulness and movement.

Rolf talked about these boulders that we carry around weighing our life down. And I realized that I have been guilty of this with an unintentional mindset. I have worked on changing my mindset over the years, but how do you change your unintentional mindset into one of intentionality?

  • Daily conversations with yourself. Talk about your goals, dreams, strengths and areas for growth. Talk about your worries and fears and leave them in the ruins of the shattered boulders.

  • Acceptance. Realize that it is normal to have struggles and flaws. Both are part of being human.

  • Gratitude. Focus on finding gratitude in the little things that you experience every day. A smile from a stranger. Fireflies in the summer evening. Birds chirping after a rain. A small piece of chocolate that was hidden in your desk drawer.

  • Avoid comparison. You are your own amazing self with strengths and flaws. Do not compare yourself to anyone else.

  • Embrace positivity. You have two options in life. Think positive or think negative. Instead of being a half glass full or half glass empty kind of person, love the fact that you have a glass that gives you options to fill it up with lemonade, chocolate milk, water, wine or your favorite drink. I love to fill my glass up with hope.

  • Make space. This amazing quote I heard yesterday encompasses the idea of making space. “Give your mind space away from the traffic of your thoughts.” – Mooji. Don’t go down the rabbit hole of to do lists, worry and past experiences, but make room in your mind for the possibilities. Cross off those things that take up space that are of little value. Out with the old stuff, in with the new exciting opportunities. Make space for those. Throw those boulders down and imagine the new trip you will be going on with the pebbles of pixy dust floating around your being.

So as a means to living an intentional life surrounded by pebbles instead of boulders, “edit your life frequently and ruthlessly. It’s your masterpiece after all.” -Nathan W. Morris

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