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She Is Fierce

Chicago Marathon

NY Marathon

Berlin Marathon

Boston Marathon Qualifier

Achievement. Pride. Grits. Guts

Hip Patient. Labral Tear. Femoroacetabular Impingement. Hip Arthroscopy.

So, let me introduce Caroline to you. She was dealt a hip injury back in 2016 which caused a labral tear and resulted in a hip scope. Pain and worry were her focus. She lamented that her love of running was no more, but her fierce attitude and grit helped her keep hopeful. Recovered slowly, but surely.

Slow and steady wins the race, right? Her slow and steady outlook turned into a healthy hip that allowed her to talk about personal bests and running in the same sentence! She is most proud of that fact that she has run her fastest races after her hip surgery “both at the half and full marathon distance”. She is also incredibly proud of being qualified for the Boston Marathon in April 2020.

This year alone she ran three marathons in six months. Two of those were in two weeks and in two different continents! How crazy is that? Well, not crazy really, but exciting! This is hip hope at its best. For all you runners out there, there is hope.

Caroline wants you to remember to keep plugging away, rely on your team of hip healers, your friends and family. Whatever your goal is, keep pushing forward! One step at a time. One. Step. At A Time!

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