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Evangeline, Hip Warrior Princess

“You will discover that you have two hands. One is for helping

yourself and the other is for helping others.”

– Audrey Hepburn

Evangeline. Hippy. Warrior Princess. Advocate.

I focused on Evangeline’s amazing story almost two years ago. She was just turning 8 years old and her fire and grit to move forward in her hip journey was amazing. She was named by yours truly as the Hip Warrior Princess. She focused on having a “problem free philosophy” courtesy of her favorite song, Hakuna Matata.

Evangeline still loves being active and she is anxious to get back into gymnastics. She’s back to skateboarding, running around, riding her bike and generally, anything that keeps her moving.

Fast forward to today, she is also paying it forward as any Hip Warrior Princess would do. She will be fundraising for an amazing organization called I’m a Hippy. She is fundraising to help other kids who find themselves going through the same journey as she has and will be.

Evangeline was asked why she wanted to raise money for this fundraiser. Her wise beyond year’s response was, “I think it’s important for people to hear my story so they don’t feel alone. I really love Dr. Mulpuri since he fixed my hip and I am so happy that I can do something to return the favor, but also something that helps others with hip dysplasia.”

Evangeline also was asked why she feels it is so important for people to hear her story. Her very clear response was, “I was diagnosed late and I don’t want that for anyone else so if my story reminds someone to get their baby’s hip checked then that’s ok that they know my story because then I helped someone.”

She also asked her mom how I’m A Hippy helped her. Her mom’s response was she learned a lot about everything regarding hip dysplasia. She emphasized how the organization was incredibly supportive when Eva was first diagnosed. They were able to ease a lot of those anxiety producing traumatic mom fears. Evan then told her mom, “Then why not help? There’s really no reason.”

So, my question for you all is, “Can you help Evangeline pay it forward for this amazing organization that helps people with hip dysplasia?” Please check out her Fundraising page and help her bring awareness to hip dysplasia.

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