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Seat of Emotions

Artwork by Leah Mare Dorion

A Poem by Rossara Jamil

My broken hips heal me

on endless days of watching shadows dance,

away from a world that continues to turn,

separated by a single glaze of glass.

My broken hips blaze me with fire

to rebuild the body that holds my being,

on a lonesome road of sweat and tears,

where I meet the latent grit within.

My broken hips keep me strong

to sit with the discomfort of emotions,

conversing with grief, pain and loss,

as I listen to the silence of the unknown.

My broken hips give me a community

of sisters near and on distant lands,

warriors and fighters of all skins,

sharing joy and gentle kindness.

My broken hips birth me home

to turn inwards in remembrance,

broken open and inside out to belong,

in kinship with my words, my voice and myself.

NOTE: This Hopeful Hippie is so honored to be able to publish this poem written by a fellow Hopeful Hippie from Singapore, Rosarra Jamil. Rossara is a writer as well as a recovering hippie. She had hip arthroscopy in November 2018 and December 2019 to repair the labral tears in her hips. She is now almost six weeks post-op from hip 2. The idea for this poem came while watching shadows dance during her recuperation from the second surgery. From hip surgeries, she has learned to surrender, be present and to develop fierce hope. The hope to do the things she loves the most spurs her determination to put in the work needed to recover.

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