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In my field, having disproportionality is not a good thing. It means there are equity issues. It means there is imbalance. But, sometimes, I am disproportionate, I think.

I had an amazing walk yesterday. The air was clean. My choice of music inspired each step. I was alone in the morning with my mind, music and mantras. The sun was shining as it came up over the horizon. I was empowered.

I snapped a picture of myself with the sun at my back creating a shadow. Shadows are illusions, and this shadow created me with disproportionally long legs. The kind of legs that you would associate with a clown on stilts. The kind of long legs that will allow you to reach the heights of challenge with ease.

But, I realized the disproportionate part of me is not the legs in this picture. It is not the amount of orthopedic surgeries that I have had, but it is my insistence to remain hopeful through the challenges and those struggles. In that sense, I am disproportionate. By all accounts, I have remained "too" hopeful and "too" positive given my circumstances.

We are all struggling with something. Some sulk in their challenges, but I am disproportionate with my resilience. I cultivate it with a team of people who have confidence in my abilities to keep my chin up. I do have those moments though where the chin temporarily touches my chest, but it pops right back with a renewed mindset and a mantra.

But how I remain balanced is that I choose my reactions to people and situations. I always choose grace over grumpiness. I choose hope over hype. I choose a chin up attitude in spite of myself. I choose thankfulness over tantrums. I choose rainbows over rain and I choose lemonade over lemons. Half full over half empty. Warrior over worrier.

What is your choice?

“The choices that we make in our life, indeed determine the kind of results that we experience and the quality of the life that we live.” – Sumeet Jain

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