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So I’m home recovering from my most recent hip scope which resulted in a labral reconstruction. For someone who does not usually need meds, I’m all of a sudden taking about 8 different meds. To prevent a ton of possibilities. I have meds to prevent pain, to prevent blood clots, to prevent overgrowth of bone, to prevent adhesion formation, to prevent nausea and constipation. I could open my own pharmacy. But I did write myself an additional prescription. Oops, I guess that is not quite legal. It is not FDA approved. It is not paid for by my insurance. It is not even covered by my insurance. And it cost me nothing! Wow, what a great deal.

It will create an atmosphere for healing hips when mixed with the right ratios of hope, grit, grace and confidence. The directions are to take twice daily. And to also take prn (as needed in medical jargon) when I’m lacking the ability to be present in this recovery or when I’m going down a rabbit hole of what ifs. It is formulated to be taken when I’m being overconfident in my ability. It can even be mixed with the lemonade that I’ve made with my Hip Healing Surgeon’s help. There are no untoward side effects. There are no drug interactions, but there is a chance of becoming dependent on it. The prescription is called Upbeat Attitude. I can even legally write you a prescription so just send me a message!

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