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Perspective from London!

(Katie Lou is recovering from hip surgery and her story was originally shared on Instagram and she has given permission for it to be posted on Hopeful Hippies. Her perspective really touched me personally!)

PERSPECTIVE | Good morning beautiful people, happy Saturday! I was in the gym this morning trying to do a full leg day and my hip was killing me. I mean really damn painful 😖 And I was getting so frustrated and annoyed about the fact that it just clearly isn’t better right now. I’m four months post-op and I really thought I’d be back to sprinting and squatting by now, but that’s just not the case. So while I was trying to squat yesterday and my hip was having none of it, I convinced myself that clearly the operation didn’t work and that I was just going to have to live with this!

As I was there feeling sorry for myself, I noticed a wheelchair just on the edge of the weights area. It belonged to the man training with the coach opposite me. He clearly had a significant physical disability, but that’s wasn’t stopping him. Every time he struggled and

had to stop or dropped the weight, he picked it right back up and carried on.

And all of a sudden my tiny little hip problems didn’t matter so much any more! Whenever you’re having a down moment, or getting frustrated at something in life, just remember there’s probably someone out there who is dealing with a lot worse than you. So while it’s okay to wallow for a little while, get some PERSPECTIVE, pick yourself up and carry on! 👊🏻

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