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Updated: Jul 11, 2021

Okay, I admit it. I made fun of my PT the other day. He was stretching my hip in this ungodly way into external rotation. And it felt like his arms were shaking - like he could not handle my amazing strength. Or I guess it could have been my muscles fighting the stretch and shaking but regardless, I made fun of him. And, he laughed and he explained that what he was doing was a technique called oscillation. Essentially, from what I understood, it was a technique to help relax the muscles to be able to get a greater stretch. But that is neither here nor there.

I looked up the definition of oscillation - it confirmed my thoughts. Oscillation occurs in nature and can even occur in one’s outlook. I was sitting out on my patio early morning this last week, doing my breath work, listening to my fountain and then the wind picked up.

The wind blowing through my trees was quite impressive and it caused the trees to sway in one direction and then instantly another direction. And as if on command, the trees stopped. There was silence. There was calmness and then the trees swayed back and forth. Again. With energy and fury.

It seemed like the trees were speaking my language between optimism and pessimism. Between not knowing what direction they were supposed to be blowing or not. Negativity and positivity. Lemons and lemonade. The wind flowing through the trees is my moving forward attitude. Hope. Optimism. Chin Up.

The silence of the trees’ movement is temporary. Is it that “I feel sorry for myself moment” or a “Here’s my time to breathe moment”? I guess it can be both, but the one thing I promise myself is that I will oscillate towards hope and optimism. Perhaps there may be a few pitiful moments and I make it a “feel sorry for myself moment”, but those will be long and far between moments. There is no choice, Hopeful Hippies, you have to wake up, smell the roses, make lemonade out of lemons and continue moving on. Find those self-care strategies that can help move you to the “Here’s my time to breath moment.” Get a cup of coffee, sit on your patio, listen to the sounds of nature and put your “I have hope” hat on. And if the wind catches your hat just right, go chase after it. Oscillate towards hope!

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