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Let It Breathe

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

There is always the possibility for good nutrition for my mind and body when I make time for it. Meal planning for my belly always takes some coordinated effort with my ability to get to the store and time to prepare healthy food for what my body needs for healing and strength. I am pretty good at it though. Unfortunately, the nutrition for my mind sometimes is not as planned out and is placed on the back burner. I have been working on that though with my holistic mind/body mentor, Mel.

I'm on an upward trajectory, but, it is a lot of work and she has been guiding me towards being at peace with not being perfect and being okay with relaxing and just being. Being okay with stillness is my kryptonite.

As I was driving today towards an important decision, the song I needed to hear for my mind's nutrition fed me! It washed peace over me. I had a few tears flowing last night as I fell asleep, but as I always know the sun will be up and will warm me with confidence. Today was that day.

I hope the lyrics speak to your heart as they did to mine.

These days I know it gets hard

We can be exposed to so much dark

Every minute, but trust me when I say

There’s a light, there’s a love and there’s a way

So if your world gets heavy

And your fire burns low

Your road gets rough

And your heart runs cold

Let it breathe

Like the wind through the trees

Let it flow with ease

Like an ocean breeze

Take it all in

Let it all out

- Rob Riccardo

So my fire has been burning low and has been doused by the water of indecision, anxiety and uncertainty but today I fanned the flames with breath and calmness. My wish is for you to find your breath, your calm, your peace. Namaste!

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