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Feeding My Soul On The Journey Home

So, you all. This is it! My first stab at a poem. I’m branching out into a new project where I am hoping to begin to combine the melody of healing hips with the mantra of hope.

I have made feeding my soul my priority

and have been given an empowering permit

to crawl over the obstacles that have been my wall.

To be vulnerable, as a way, to have authority

over my mind and body which I commit

to optimism, recovery, and verity as I stand tall.

A belief that having hope is not temerity.

The key to my travels home is that my insist

would be the fact that I would not fall.

There is trust that hope provides charity

on a healing journey home to feel the sun’s kiss.

On a voyage of gratitude, endurance and, even, lost wherewithal,

I worked towards mind and body solidarity.

With this being said, I will continue to persist.

So, from these lips, I tell you, once and for all,

hope is my tip and my therapy.

Hope and challenge can co-exist

and your journey will not be your downfall,

but rather your clarity.

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