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I had a little bit of down time the last few weeks. It is the calm before the storm. August always represents a craziness for me. It’s a super busy time of the year. Lots of details and lots of potentially fragile plates to drop as I’m juggling them.

I’m incredibly grateful to have some time to read a good book and to be part of an international book circle with a fellow hippie from Singapore. I am grateful the book is not data driven and is not a textbook filled with educational theory. One of the goals of the book circle was to find snippets of wisdom that really spoke to each of us as the reader. I did not think that I would find much as the most important one I felt was right on the cover of the book. “Embrace the Possible”. But as I begin reading, a sentence quickly jumps off the page. It is calling my name. "Hey, Hopeful Hippie, here’s the quote you need. Here’s the quote that reaffirms why you write."

“Expression is the opposite of depression”.

- Dr. Edith Eva Eger

I express myself every day in one way or another. Maybe it will be a mental middle finger directed at my hips. Or my expression may be in the way that I move my arms as I dive into a forward fold. Maybe it will be the way that I inhale and exhale calmness (or not). It may be with tears. It may be as I listen to my Spotify playlist. Today, it was balancing with an imperfect tree pose in an actual tree.

And it most definitely is with my writing. I have thought many times - too many to count - that I just need to throw in the towel to this hopeful hippie persona. I need to have a pity party. If I could just ignore my hips, things will be okay. Unfortunately, sometimes they speak louder than my strength. And so I write.

To express my frustration. To express my hope. To express my stubbornness. And to let you know that, with the right support, things are going to be alright. Find your form of self-expression. Embrace the possible!

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