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Chemistry of Hope

Wow! It’s been 33 or so years from one of the most difficult classes that I took in college. Chemistry by any other name is trouble, in my opinion. For those mathematically inclined, conceptual thinkers, it was probably more easily understood and possibly even enjoyable (gasp). I remember protons, neutrons and electrons and I have a basic understanding of the Atomic Number which was the little number at the top left hand of the “square” in The Periodic Table of the Elements. I also still remember my mnemonic for remembering that the “P” in Proton meant positive.

So, here’s the most elemental (get it?) tidbit in a very short chemistry lesson from someone who hated chemistry. Protons have a positive charge!

“Positivity is like protons in the nucleus. It is always present within us. We just need to get rid of the negative electrons around us” Jimit Nimbalkar

How does that work in the Chemistry world? I have no idea and I do NOT care. What I do care about is remaining positive, like a proton, despite sometimes having doubt through this hip recovery process. I sincerely hope that you can find that positive mindset as well. I’m not talking about an “ostrich with its head in the sand” positivity where you ignore that the healing process will be hard and even that it may challenge you more than you’d like or even expect. The positivity I’m talking about is where you embrace the idea that there may be be potholes and detours along your trip, but that you will keep moving, even if it is at a snail’s pace. It is the idea of sending good vibes to yourself and honoring those baby steps that you’ve made. When you realize those baby steps are moving you forward, hopefully you will have the rush of an “ah ha” moment of peace.

For example, today was one of those days. After an almost hour long walk around Target, I engaged with a moment of self-doubt. Of course, the positivity in me should have said, “Look at you! You had your second hip surgery and it is almost 4 weeks after having an approximately 3-hour hip surgery and you are walking with no crutches and no limp.” But I was “attracted”, for a moment, to doubting my recovery, my hip fatigue and my overall energy level. I also knew, in that moment, that I needed to “charge” forward with the belief in a positive outcome. So, what is the most basic, real life reason to embrace chemistry? The positivity of the proton is what keeps the atom stable. To be constant and stable in your progress, you need to embrace the importance of the positive attitude of the proton!

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