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Being Babysat

Well, I was knocked down from a “Big Girls Don’t Cry” attitude to being “babysat”! I say that with some sarcasm and jest. I asked my Gentle Giant PT, with a gleam in my eyes, what I would be able to do this time next week. With his equally shining eye gleam, he looked at me and said, “We’re still in the babysitting mode!” Uugh…how dare he!

Anyways, the problem with that is that most who know me will say, “Hopeful Hippie is the type who will crawl on the counter to get the cookies so you better watch her with an eagle eye!” But they also don’t know that I’ve fallen off that proverbial counter a few times and learned my lessons the hard way. The only cookies that I’m reaching for are within my 90 degree range of motion limitation. I, in no way, EVER want to hear anyone say, “I told you so. You did not listen”. So I’m a good “baby” who eats cookies that are flavored with Hope, Grace, Grit, Stubborness, Power and Accomplishment with a teaspoon or two of humility and acceptance of my current limitations.

And the week after next, perhaps I’ll be toddling around, of course, without the two year old tantrums. And then the preteen years will hit and I’m sure I’ll throw an eye roll somewhere along the way. And then my twenties where “I know everything” and then I’ll be back to myself where I really do know everything! That is – that hope is always the best medicine. Having a breath practice is one way to inhale hope. Having grace for myself even when I’m not graceful is also crucial. So, please, whatever your challenges are currently, give yourself grace, relax and remain hopeful! And let people “babysit” you if needed!

P.S. Check out Ayuverdic practioner, Melissa Singh's podcast on breath work. And here is her website:

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