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An Ode To Peace

One of my readers asked me to write another poem so here it is! I hope you enjoy.

Serenity is the place in my mind

that gives a single focus on healing

throughout life’s struggles and obstacles.

It is my space that allows me to erase the pain of the grind

even through humility and struggle while kneeling.

Serenity is the place I find the possibles

where I lean into this spot I have been assigned

and honor the place of my feelings.

It is a venue where my mindset frames me as unstoppable.

This mantra of hope is to be aligned and intertwined,

so this journey is one of healing instead of reeling

with a spirit that feels singularly dissolvable.

It is not only my mantra but that of others with a like mind.

Know that serenity and hope have a way of revealing

themselves through the experience of the improbable.

With this being said, much gratitude for the reminder

that serenity provides the height of hope like Picasso’s ceiling.

Please summon that stillness to bring you home to the phenomenal.

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