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A Gentle Reminder

Note: This is a slightly revised version of what was posted last year.

This week, in the U.S., there is a focus on gratitude. I find it a bit frustrating. Gratitude should have no boundaries. Gratitude should not have a day on the calendar. It should not be the focus of the fall season. Instead, gratitude should overwhelm with every breath taken. Every thought. Every fear. Every worry. Gratitude should walk hand in hand with all of those emotions. Why? Be grateful for fear and worry?

Damn, it's because life is such a miracle. Last weekend, I enjoyed the outdoors. It was cold, but the sun was glorious. I've been feeling a bit exhausted with work and missing my mom and as I was sitting with the sunbathing me, one of the songs I love passed through my noggin. And it brought me back to where I need to be with my mind, body, spirit.

When you've lost your way

Colors start to fade

Take a look within

Find your offering

Hold it to the sun

Let your spirit run


Remember find your center

-Trevor Hall

So, even though the color of hope sometimes feels like it is fading, I grab that gratitude from within and find my focus. It is that daily practice of gratitude that helps my "spirit run". What is yours?

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