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Music really started talking to me during this hip journey of the last year or so. My husband, son and daughter were really the “hip” ones as far it came to music. I listened to my “soft rock” station that played the same songs over and over and even started 24/7 Christmas songs before Halloween (uugh). I'll admit it that it was not a “hip” station to listen to and I own that fact! During this hip journey, I began connecting some of the calming music from my yoga classes to time off my mat and then found my own style of music to suit my moods.

What I have learned from sharing many people’s stories is that music helps transform them into Hip Warriors. You have little Ms. Princess Warrior from Canada who loves Hakuna Matata and then there is our very own Ironman Morten from Denmark and he runs to Remember The Name. There’s also The Fight Song that Jenna likes to listen to for encouragement and motivation. Tricia is empowered by Tobi Mac as his song reinforces her "I can't quit" mantra. I have a lot of songs that speak to me depending on my attitude and energy level.

I am sort of proud of the fact that I am a little “hipper” with my music choices. I can hold my own now (for the most part) with my husband and kids. I have even shared a few songs with them that I like to listen to. Most times, they look at me with this dumbfounded look. “Where the heck did you come from?” is the look they give me.

The last song that I accidentally fell upon I have shared with a Hopeful Hippie from Singapore, a Hopeful Hippie supporter from Southern California and my hipster yoga teacher! They all have loved the song.

I remember the phrase my mom always said, “Sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me!” Looking at this quote with today’s set of lenses, we all know words can hurt. But, here is the real in your face positive matters outlook on words! Words also have the strength to uplift, empower, encourage and heal. Mix that with some music and you have a recipe for hope.

So anyways, I got a little off topic. This song that I had shared just melted me. First of all, for all of you living in a winter blizzard wonderland (or not), imagine the tropics. Imagine the warm, salt air with the breeze rustling the palm trees. Imagine even a tropical drink with the sweetness of hope! You are relaxing and not on a tight rope!

“Well, I no longer fear the unknown 'cause I know what I am here for I keep on troddin' on my own path Keep on learnin' from my present and past, yeah

Well, I no longer need validation

'cause my story is long and I'm patient I know that I have lessons to learn Keep my eyes open, each step I earn, yeah

No need for me to feel alone

‘Well, I feel my heart grow with each step Stand firm in where the path goes next Well, I know that where it goes is where I need to be The more lessons rained down, more blessings I see, hey

I am perfectly imperfect and I’m only here to learn."


One of the common themes that I hear from patients from all over this crazy, connected world of ours is the frustration, the worry, the fear that our hip woes can induce! But this song’s message to me is, “I am not alone! I can grow in strength! It is okay to be vulnerable and less than perfect. There are lessons to be learned. I am strong.”

Listen to the words and see what you hear and what you take away! My hope for you is that the words that you hear from music, your family and friends, your hip healers and your fellow Hopeful Hippies is that, “You are tough! You will overcome! This will be a blip on the radar of your life!”

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