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Worry Free Wednesday?

My grandma used to worry about everything! Everything. Everything!

"Honey, are you sure you will be okay?"

"Yes", I would say. She never believed me and her way of making sure I would be okay would be to give me food - mostly sweets. Of course, she knew the magic to soothe the soul was a slice of chocolate cake or home baked chocolate chip cookie with milk.

I have given up most sweets in an attempt to be as healthy as I can be, but I inherited her "worry" gene which is not ideal for optimal health. I worry about everyone. My kids (students) and their ability to be independent and successful adults. The parents of my students who planned a trip to Italy and ended up in Holland and have struggled with that transition. My own kids and hoping that they will continue growing into strong people as they find their niche. I worry about everything. Will I be that strong person that I see in my best friend? Will having my own weakness make me weak? I know working through weakness makes one stronger. I get that and I believe it, but yet, I worry.

I have said it before and I stand by it today, "Worrying today zaps you of your strength for tomorrow." It is a mantra I continually repeat to myself.

I really love, though, this analogy of the rocking chair. I will need to visualize this analogy more often. The creak, creak of the wooden slats as you rock back and forth is the continuous noise that you hear when you worry. The noise only becomes quiet when you stop rocking. Try not to worry. Silence the creaking that worry causes!

Have a great Wednesday!

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