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Oh my gosh! I have been transported to the innocence of a thirteen-year-old where FAI and hip arthroscopy were not even in my vocabulary. For that matter, not even in the medical field's lexicon.

Although yesterday was quite busy, I also had the relaxing flicker of a candle on my desk and my Spotify playing quietly in the background. The amazing thing about Spotify is that it takes your favorite songs and finds another one that may be equally loved.

Today, a song with the word "magnificent" sprinkled throughout the entire song played for me. I could not find it again, but it was a mindfulness kind of song. Since the word "magnificent" came up and was repeated several times throughout the song, I decided I would focus on that idea, but ended up being slightly challenged.

So, what is quite magnificent right now? We have a pandemic that is bringing our local hospitals to their collective heals, we have people that are sick, families that are not enjoying each other's time during this holiday time and, even, death. People are impatient with each other and have drawn lines in the sand. Friendships have been lost over politics and public health. None of this is magnificent.

But, you know what? PBS brought me back to that 13-year-old who had resilience, an ability to stick with it, and an ability to keep my chin up even in spite of the life our world is living. A time of magnificence. I was able to hear the voices of three musicians I was completely and hopelessly infatuated with as a teenager. I ended my busy day tucked in a freshly made bed, clean hair, and the hopefulness of a thirteen-year-old as I watched a 1989 Bee Gees concert. The song, Words, came on and the high pitched voice of my guys sang to me.

Smile an everlasting smile A smile can bring you near to me Don't ever let me find you down 'Cause that would bring a tear to me

This world has lost its glory Let's start a brand new story now, my love Right now, there'll be no other time And I can show you how, my love

- Bee Gees

So with those words, at the end of the day, things are magnificent. I have had another day to breathe and another day to see the possibility of hope. We can "start a brand new story" as long as we pull together.

I encourage you as you continue in this holiday season to enjoy what you can and keep hopeful that things will begin turning around. Soon. Keep your eyes moving forward and not looking backward, but also stay in the present. Enjoy the down time and take some time to take care of yourself. Find words of hope and positivity. Cultivate hope by actively seeking it.

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