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Word of the Weekend - November 5 and 6, 2022

Today's word is home! In a sense, it is four walls filled with love, memories, smells of baking cookies and lots of emotions. This next few weeks is also a time to celebrate the idea of home by creating new memories with the scent of gratitude.

I first heard the quote, "We are all just walking each other home" at my yoga teacher training over a year ago. It was something that really stuck with me. To me, it means being in a place of being whole and being okay with having flaws. We all provide the suitcases in this journey for each other - suitcases of warmth, acceptance and celebration. With the words of Alan Seale, "What if the people I encounter in daily life are all, in their own way, walking me home? Probably very few of them have any conscious awareness of the roles they are playing in my life script. Yet what if they are just playing their part in helping me come home to who I really am? What if they are helping me find out what it means to be whole? In the same way, what if I’m also walking them home? What if I’m playing a role in their homeward journey? What role might I choose to play for them?"

So, with that thought for the day, I am encouraging you to come up with your own word of the day (or even month or year)!

Thank you for being part of my home!

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