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Word of the Day - November 4, 2022

Positive four-letter words are getting harder to come by on this Friday. Here you go: door.

Okay, where are you going with this, Hopeful Hippie? It checks my box of four-letter words. It also checks my box of a way to connect symbolism to an inanimate object. It also checks the box of a connection to my past just like the piece of jewelry did yesterday.

This door has an amazing back story and is a connection to my past on multiple levels. First off, this is the entry door to my grandmother's home as a young girl. The home was built in the 20s in Santa Fe, NM. If you have ever been to Santa Fe, it's two blocks or so away from the square and a few blocks away where my grandmother went to school (now a hotel).

The other connection that I have is that this picture which is matted and framed almost life sized in my home was taken by my father almost 25 years ago. The word door can, in this picture, be a physical door that allows you to walk into a room or home.

But the word is so much bigger than that. It can symbolize the opportunity that waits for for each of us. It can be the door that allows us to walk into the future having connections from the past and learning lessons for the future. It can provide a physical threshold but also a symbolic one. My door is open!

Better yet, let's make a sentence with three four-letter words: Life is an open door!

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