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Word of the Day - November 3, 2022

My word today I think is very connected to vision and is the word, lens. Four letters, right?

I had an eye doctor appointment bright and early yesterday morning. For those of you who have to wear glasses, that first glimpse with your new prescription probably brings an incredible "ah ha" moment of sight. Without my contacts, everything near and far is a blur. I love getting a new prescription and having that amazing sense of clarity.

The word lens also means perspective to me. Looking at things from different sides and angles - giving grace when your perspective might not be the other's perspective. A recent example that is tying me to my past and my future is this amazing piece of jewelry that I found in my mom's safe deposit box. I crinkled my nose up at it though initially. It was not my style. I had no idea why it was there. But my prescription on this matter was changed! My uncle who had not seen that cross in years sent me a picture dated back to the 1800s of my grandmother's grandmother wearing it. I found a picture of my mother wearing it on her wedding day and on my sister's wedding day. My grandmother was also wearing it on her 45th wedding anniversary. This cross necklace with 18k gold filigree and a stone of unknown origin has stood the test of time. It has gone from gawdy to gorgeous just because of my perspective and that lens. So make sure that you use the lens cleaner called Hope to ensure that the lens you look through can provide clarity!

Keep thinking and sharing!

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