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Word of the Day - November 2, 2022

So I expect that my four letter words of positivity will, at some point, migrate into five letter words and maybe six letter words, but I will tell you, they will have as much force and satisfaction as those 4 letter words! So, today, my word is more.

You ask why? I'm thinking it is all about perspective. It could be a word used to depict an emotion such as "I wish we had more time to ______". Of course, I could think of my mom as in "I wish I had more time to spend with you." I could think of regrets. I could think of the past with sorrow. The reality is that longing will not change anything. But the simple act of flipping the script, of changing the recollection of this word is what today's word is about for me. It is about happiness. So, "I love you more" is the phrase that I remember saying to my mom as a child and the same phrase that I would lovingly kid my kids with! "No, I love you more!" "NO, I love you MORE!" and so it goes.

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