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Word of the day - 11/10/22

So many of you this week shared with me another four-letter word - heal. I absolutely agree with you all. Our word, heal, actually comes from Old English haelan which means to cure, save, make whole. Many of us have ailments which may never be "cured" per se. Take for example, my hips - 8 surgeries later and they are pretty darn amazing, but they still give me some pain. But I am whole and healed regardless of their function and their pain generating ability. When I say whole and healed, to me that means that I am able to move forward in spite of them. That is my wish for you - to be whole in spite of challenges that you may have - grief, stress, sadness, physical ailments.

For me breathwork and mindfulness are how I remain whole (and even writing) and a pervasive outlook of positivity. Whatever the challenge, my mind is about the fact that I have a glass that I am able to drink out of. Never mind that there is a glass either half empty or half full, I have a glass that I drink hope from every day.

My wish for you is that, with your own strategies, you can embrace what the word heal means for you.

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