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I have a new word of the day that is going to be in my personal dictionary for good. It’s not hope, nor resilience, optimism or positivity – although those are all great words to have on the tip of your tongue. This is a word to describe Power.

As you may recall, Power is my oldest friend. And just to clarify, because I already know she is clearing her throat, she is not much older than me, but when I say oldest I really mean longest. Power is also a friend of mine with quadraplegia. But that label does not define her. She, of course, is hopeful, resilient, optmistic and positive. She is also flawed. Aren’t we all? She is not flawed because of her disability, but just because she is human like the rest of us.

Today, I hopped on to my Facebook and saw an update of her progress with her personal trainer, David. David is amazing. First of all, he puts up with her attitude and, secondly, he is helping her make great progress. She stood up this week and was able to stand by herself and sit down and stand up and sit down again and again. She also did standing push ups! How amazing is that? (Video to come soon). She is awesome so much so that I feel this very strong need to use some random symbols (%$@#!) in front of the word awesome. But then I know that there are very sensitive readers out there and I came across another word to describe her.

It relates to this whole idea of being perfectly imperfect. Yes, our perfection is our imperfection! We are perfectly imperfect. We all have scars (both physical and emotional). My body alone has 14 physical scars and a good dose of emotional scars. But you and I are flawsome. How amazing does that sound? We are flawed, but still awesome. It is a word that describes celebrating and honoring our imperfections as well as accepting, celebrating and honoring each other's flaws. There is actually a whole website to this idea. Who knew?

Anyways, here’s to Power, her obstinance, her stubborness, her optimism and her flawsomeness!

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