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Wisdom Wednesday

So, I've been pretty upfront about my hip surgeries and progress with anyone that has asked. I've made great progress and I feel relatively normal as far as my hips go!

I'm proud of the progress that I've made and am equally proud that I would not outwardly appear to anyone as having had my most recent hip surgery about 5 months ago.

I like to see myself as a cat with 9 lives (even though I hate cats). If I'm counting this year alone, I have used up two of my lives! I've had a challenging few weeks as I found out that I need another surgery related to my spine which was NOT in my plans. It is an "outpatient" surgery and what I believe to be true is that I can't even start PT for a month. I looked at my PT today and said, "What the heck am I supposed to do for 4 weeks when I can't sit for more than 30 minutes?" He agreed that would be my most challenging obstacle. My options are to lay down or walk. Who thinks of this craziness? But then I realized, my hip goals post op were to go hiking in Lake Tahoe mid July and to go to a yoga festival at the same time. Well, you know, my goal is still going to do that. This new obstacle is only going to "act as motivation". I will visualize my Downward Dog, my Pigeon and my Warrior Three as I'm "resting". I will walk on a paved path in Lake Tahoe instead of "hiking". For the record, I'm "refusing" to give up and I know many of you hip and non- hip patients are struggling (or have struggled) and you are my motivation! Thank you!

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