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Warrior or Worrier?

“Worry often gives a small thing a big shadow.” – Swedish Proverb

Through my business travels last week, I came across the most amazing coffee cup. It had a little bit of a hippy feel and the words, “Warrior Not Worrier”. I realized, with that flash of light moment, that really two or three letters can incredibly change a word and the attached meaning. Those same words can really change our outlook drastically about any of life’s challenges!

Are you a Warrior or a Worrier? Can you push through the worry to become that Warrior or do you succumb to the worry?

Do you stare down your fear with an in your face attitude? Do you see the difference between fright and might? Cultivate that might – that strength of spirit that you need to overcome your obstacles. Show your might instead of fright.

Strong versus wrong. Two letters that make a big difference in your outlook. One is positive, empowering, uplifting. The other illustrates negativity. Imagine the word strong in your daily vocabulary. Repeat to self – I am strong.

Can and can’t – again just the difference of one letter and a punctuation mark can change your story. You can and you will achieve health and healing. Do you want to cultivate that? Or do you decide to add the extra letter and the punctuation to tell your body – I can’t and I won’t? It’s your narrative. Choose the mindset that will get you strong instead of wrong!

Luck versus stuck – Do you embrace the positivity of the word, luck, or do you embrace being stuck? I count myself as lucky – it is my perspective. Yes, I’m lucky. 5 hip surgeries and I’m lucky? How? Well, it could be worse and I have the attitude to fight against getting stuck in a circle of negativity.

Trust or bust? Do you trust that you will achieve health and you won’t go bust with a negative mindset? Try it on for size…I hope you will find that the word trust feels and fits better.

You can make a small change in the letters of your outlook. Don’t pout about pain and weakness, but tout your strength, hope and confidence! Have hope, don’t mope! Be a warrior, not a worrier!

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