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Today's Word of the Day

I literally did not think that I would be able to come up with a bunch of four-letter words for the word of the day in November, but with your help, I have. This next word can be used in a negative way. I have been told that I am full of it before so that is where my brain obviously goes with this next word, full. But, once again, flipping the script. The word full has such an amazing connotation that I hope you feel complete.

Imagine your belly is full after your Thanksgiving meal. That is not always a good thing as you are uncomfortable, sluggish and just all around yucky. But imagine that you are full of peace - you feel light, calm, airy. Or you are full of grace - forgiving and patient. Maybe even physically light on your feet like a ballerina. Full of energy - excitement, driven, goals. Thankful - full of thanks, gratitude, joyous.

So, next time someone says that you are full of it, affirm their statement! I am grateful, thankful, full of grace, full of energy and full of peace! Yes, I am full of all of it!

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