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Thoughtful Thursday

In the words of Ksusha Kaye

Courage is telling the truth. Courage is being real and letting yourself be seen. Courage is refusing to explain yourself to others. Courage is accepting and loving yourself exactly as you are with all your past mistakes, imperfections and flaws. Courage is many things and it often looks different for each of us, but perhaps two of the greatest acts of courage are realizing our own bravery and wearing our scars proudly. .

P.S. Today I’m inviting you to think about your own life, your acts of courage, the moments that make you proud. We are often so caught up in the undisciplined pursuit of more that we fail to realize how brave and strong we have been. Writing down our accomplishments helps to be #grateful for our path and appreciate our journey before we jump into chasing the “next best thing”. Quite often that best thing is already with us, concealed in our tender hearts; and all we need to do is slow down, breath deeply and think about how far we’ve come.

From Hopeful Hippie - the message is to be kind to yourself and realize how brave you are! Be patient! .

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