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The Man In The Moon

So this last week was filled with ups and downs (more ups than downs) and was capped off by a late-night drive home guided by the Man In The Moon!

900 miles of driving over 5 days is not what the hips would have asked for, but that is what they got. And, of course, I think you all know when I drive, I think and I worry.

But the exciting thing is that I was fortunate enough to combine work with pleasure. I went to a yoga studio that I had never been to before and I was able to visit my friend, Power. I also learned a new word and had some great laughs with a motivational speaker named Sunjay Nath from Canada!

The word of the week is chife. It sounds painful doesn’t it? Well, it is. It sounds like an itchy, bumpy rash that you definitely want to get rid of quickly. Sunjay’s definition of this word relates to the negative feelings and/or emotions that people may have. The antonym for chife is positivity. You want to “lose the negativity”, decrease your chife and increase good vibes! You got to find that hang loose kind of vibe!

So what does this have to do with The Man in the Moon? Like I said, I had a lot of driving and I had about four hours before I would get home so there was lots of thinking too. I was driving south and this glorious, awe inspiring full moon was guiding my way back to a place where chife does not exist. It was the most beautiful moon, but I have no picture to share with you. It was too dark and late to pull off the freeway by myself to take a picture.

So close your eyes (after you’ve read this description) and imagine a full moon illuminated with an orange tint and a halo effect surrounding the moon. There were no clouds in the sky – just clarity and some twinkling stars. The Man was actually giving me a look with a kind wink. His facial expression said, “Hopeful Hippie, you got this! I know your hips are hurting, but you’re almost home to that hopeful place.”

He allowed me to dust off the chife, roll my shoulders back and down, and breathe out the negativity and breathe in hope and peace! I inoculated myself against the rash of negativity. I spent my day today relaxing with my feet up and a plan for my booster shot of hope – breathing, journaling and looking forward. Your message to your hips needs to be this: You will provide me stability and strength. I will provide you hope!

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