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Nope, Hopeful Hippies, I’m not talking about hip labral tears today. I’m talking about tears – the kind that sometimes flow from your eyes. The joyous tears of a child being born, or wedding vows being said. Those are the amazing tears that are often coupled with laughter. The other tears can form out of frustration, anger, despair, or even nostalgia.

This week I shared tears with a friend whose daughter will be celebrating her 18th birthday away from her. We were both missing kids. I also shed a few tears out of frustration – of course, because of my hips. I am mostly impatient. I think my surgical hip is progressing nicely – I keep being allowed to up the ante on my exercises. One legged balance – no problem. 30 minutes of cardio – no problem. Forearm plank – no problem. Got a few yoga poses in there – amazing. So why the tears? My body compensates and always seems to bring with it a new niggle. But, today the tears were of sadness and pride.

I drove to the Farmer’s Market this morning to get a few things – mostly fresh locally grown fruits and vegetables to keep this Hopeful Hippie healthy. So, the first bit of tears which did not even really breach the surface were of sadness as I saw the line of people standing six feet apart. The tears were of nostalgia. A time when it was okay to stop and chat with a stranger about the weather. A time when it was okay to give someone a hug who I had not seen for a while. A time when things were not as challenging.

But, the other barely there tears were of pride. As I drove home along the back roads, I saw a farm’s fence line and there was a sign along the entire fence. A message – one of pride and gratefulness. “Thank you, Dad, and Essential Workers!” I could sense the pride of a family and I could sense their gratefulness. A gratefulness that I share.

Tears are good. They release tension. They can allow you to cleanse your thoughts. They can share joy and laughter. During the phone call with my friend, we both were able to be okay with our tears because we knew the thoughts and the emotions would ease with a good night’s rest and new perspective.

Let the tears flow if you need to. If you are frustrated about your hips and the pain, they bring you, cry. If you are frustrated with your progress, cry! But do not dwell on it. Wipe them away and move on. Let those tears cleanse your attitude so they can water your hope!

“There you go...let it all slide out. Unhappiness can't stick in a person's soul when it's slick with tears.” Shannon Hale

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