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Okay, so this, my hip friends, is a "fill in the blank" question. I am not asking you to write an essay, a research project, or to create a Prezi. You should not need to think about this too long. If you are taking more than 30 seconds to mentally answer this question, then you have not taken care of yourself today or your hips!

My immediate answer was, "going to my yoga class" and "having a massage"! Not too bad for a Saturday afternoon. But in case you are struggling, please find a video from Dr. Ginger Garner, PT and FAI hip patient to allow you to answer this question much easier next time.

Dr. Garner has additional videos on her website.

Another way to be able to fill in the blank is by saying, "I am taking care of myself today by laughing at least once." I had a few different times that I laughed today - people watching today allowed me to see this adorable little girl with her puppy jumping on her and knocking her down. I laughed because she was adorable and I expected that she would start crying, but as she saw others with smiles and laughter she, too, laughed!

Find your way to "fill in the blank". Take care of yourself. Find your affirmation. Sometimes, you "hear" negatives, so deliberately find the positives. Keep a tally. Write in your journal. Do something good for yourself. Today. Not tomorrow, not next year. Today.

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