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“Rituals are how we step into our private field of dreams... Rituals are made not just for us, but for those we want to pass them on to.”

It has been four weeks since my most recent hip surgery and coming up on three since the state of California issued a stay at home order. Obviously, my routines and rituals have drastically changed as I’m sure yours have as well.

Most recently, my rituals have included sanitizing every morning and night the doorknobs and other high contact areas in my home. I could certainly see how this “ritual” could get a little out of hand with obsessiveness. But it is that sense of control and safety in my own home that I need to remain calm amid the chaos. I certainly couple it with meditation and music in order to stay focused, balanced and centered on health.

My morning ritual begins with a green tea in the morning which energizes me to hop on my bike for a pretty easy trek in my home office. Then, as the final minutes of my allowed 25-minute bike ride ticks down I focus on my physical nutrition which is the same every morning - homemade quinoa cereal with fresh blueberries. Can I say, “yum”?

And, although, I am currently not able to go to any exercises classes obviously limited by my current abilities as well as the gym closure, I have implemented a daily 30 minute ritual of meditation and breathing along with comforting music hosted by Girish. His music soothes and allows me to strengthen my outlook, my breathing and my ability to remain relatively calm in the chaos.

I have been able to use my rituals to remain hopeful and calm through my hip journey, but I am also seeing how these rituals can help me remain filled with hope through this human journey that we are all collectively traveling together on. Find that slice of self-care – that ritual that will take you to that safe place. Be a Hopeful Hippie, but above all a Hopeful Human!

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