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Reading Between The Lines

“Nobody knows what goes on between two hearts including, more often than not, the people in whose chests they beat.” #mariapopova

I have been so excited to be participating in an international book club. Only one problem - time zone differences! My 6 a.m curtain call means that I have to be camera ready since we are using video conferencing at its finest. It is just once a month, but I have been taken back to a passion that I had as a child. The language of far away stories. The language of tragedy. The language of love. The language of real life.

And, sometimes, the language of real life can be blurred. It can communicate what you did not intend. Sometimes, the language of real life can be painful. It can be raw. It can be defeating. But, you know what? It can be inspiring. It can be encouraging. It can be empowering.

A few nights ago, ironically I had a rude awakening as I was trying to fall asleep. That day, I had a few problems with my glitchy hip and it was screaming at me. It would not let me speak the language of hope or positivity. It would not allow me to speak the language of resilience or even stubborness. But, I decided I had to re-read one of my life's dog eared pages and find other words. Those words shaped my thoughts and I realized those words included the mantra of community and the language of flow. The flow through life with different souls that meet different needs. The souls that I trusted to share my need to see and be seen. The souls that I have missed during these last months. They are the souls that encourage individuality, hope through struggle and my love for yoga! So, thank you to my three souls for sharing today and being part of my life between the lines.

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