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Quiet the chatter!

The difference between being hopeful and not is the ability to "quiet the chatter". Two of my favorite yogis, although they don't know each other, have shared with me this same message!

What is this message and why is it important? Being able to quiet the chatter is the same as this amazing, relaxing idea of "having a thought, not chasing it and letting it go". The ability to quiet your chatter allows your mind to stay in the present and to build strength. When your renewed hip health does arrive, you will be strong enough to enjoy it. You will see and smell the blooming flowers of spring and you will feel the sand in your toes on a summer's day walk on the beach, You will marvel at the pride felt as your physical and emotional strength brings empowerment. You will adore the elation of your hip pain disappearing in the rear view mirror.

As most do, I struggle with staying in the present, not dwelling on the past, or worrying about the future. But, my current "now" is one of excitement and anticipation for that rear view mirror look. There is an eagerness to not focus on my hips as a challenging reminder of pain, fear and anxiety, but rather as something that provides stability to my body for the those "now" moments. I see those "now" moments of an exhilarating workout at the gym, a hike in Yosemite or a walk on the beach,

Although my hips still chatter to me about discomfort and weakness, I forcefully shush them. I am trying to retrain them (and my mind) to expect strength, mobility and ability, My "hips don't lie" and they certainly have taught me the importance of sitting still, breathing in and focusing on the now!

These hips are reminding me to let the worries of yesterday and tomorrow fade. They are begging me to just focus on now. Enjoy the moment.

Quiet the chatter from the past and the future.

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