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Protect Your Peace

Okay, I’m going to get a little preachy today. Not just for you, but for me as well! About nine years ago, I walked into a new job. Part of that job was to pick some battles to clean up. I had an amazing mentor who would, often times, let me vent. My role in the job, at that time, was to be the bad cop. Clean up on Aisle 4 – that kind of stickiness! And, he would let me vent and vent I did.

My mentor acknowledged that he wore rose colored glasses which, most times, drove me to the brink. But, he would look at me with the most sincere eyes and ask me, “Is that the mountain you want to die on?” And with that perspective, most times I would emphatically say, “No!” I would then look at the situation with a lens of compromise and perspective.

And, so today, I went off to a yoga-in-the-park class and then after class, I drove to promptly pick up my new t-shirt that shouts, “Protect Your Peace”. So, what does that phrase really mean to me?

First of all, every worry, every negative thought, every moment of discouragement, every conflict has to be in the context of “Do I want to die on this mountain of negativity?” Is it worth it? Will it get me to where I want to be?

And, let’s be honest, if I’m trying to protect my peace, my hope and my positivity, do I want to dwell on negativity? Do I want to embrace conflict? Do I want to focus on pain? Do I want to focus on worry? Do I want to be trudging up every mountain with the weight of angst around my ankles?


Do I want to “protect my peace”? Do I want to use that peace to build myself up? To build up my strength? To build up my resilience?

Hands down, I’m actively choosing to “protect my peace”. In everything I do. Through every frustration. Through every success and through every breath!

What will be your choice?

Will you protect your peace? Or will you allow your peace to be stolen?

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