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Patience Is Not My Virtue

“Patience is bitter, but its fruit is sweet.” Aristotle

I was the kid that would inhale my ice cream sundae while my best friend would painstakingly savor every single spoonful of heaven. I was the kid that would ask a million questions because I wanted to know exactly my plan of attack for whatever situation I was finding myself in. I was the kid that would constantly ask, “Are we there yet?” And, I have to say, most that know me will agree that those traits continued into adulthood. Patience is NOT my virtue.

Fortunately, though I am also a rule follower. I had my 3rd virtual PT appointment the other day. Finally, I am given a little bit more leeway with more “challenging” exercises. I am no longer in the “babysitting” phase. I am now doing squats, step ups, bridges, clams and some internal rotation and external rotation – all with care and consideration for “healing tissues” (PT verbiage). And, of course, I notice that the plan includes that I do them three days per week. I feel like I could do them seven days per week and I am emphatically told, “No!” My PT informs me that I need to rest between so we can see what, if anything, aggravates.

Deep sigh. Jaw clenched. Another sigh. “Okay, I will listen!” I promised. The next day when I was allowed to do the full set and all reps, I teared up. My clam shells are pathetic. My leg is shaking and my muscle tissue is dangling! It has lost its tone and it is not a pleasant sight. It was at that moment that I realized that I have a little bit more to overcome. Even though I am walking fine, and most could not tell that I had hip surgery four weeks ago, I have a ways to go.

But I know my return to recovery is just around the corner. I will follow rules, but I will continue to push back and challenge those that are supporting me. “Let me try”, I will implore. And when told “no”, I will listen even as I give an eye roll.

So what is my message? Continue challenging yourself within the “guidelines” that your hip healing team is giving you. Be patient with your recovery and give yourself grace. But, always, challenge your team to look at you as an individual with unique abilities and recovery potential. With that attitude and support you will be able to savor the fruit called Hip Health.

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