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Painting A Face of Hope

Each morning we are born again. What we do today is what matters most. Buddha

I was chatting with Power this morning. Power, as you may remember, is one of my closest friends. She has been my model of hope, strength, grit and stubborness through my hip journeys and beyond! When I doubt myself or my situation or when I lapse into self-defeating thoughts, I always ask myself, “What would Power say?”

Power and I are like two peas in a pod – we share a long history together, a shared life really. We also share the uncanny ability to paint the image of strength on our faces. It is a real strength, but sometimes (well many times), that is all you see. You may not see the faltering, the fear, the mental meltdowns. We both use humor to keep our faces painted with strength. We do really believe in keeping a positive mindset, but when you get a glimpse that the paint is fading, it is not just starting to fade. In that moment the strength is almost gone.

Then we collect ourselves, use a new paint brush and color in the lines of strength and hope again. That is what you will see!

But this morning, Power shared with me her moment of worry. You see her quiet time is in the stillness of the morning. That is when Worry comes knocking on her door and heads right into her mind. Worry does not pause. Worry tells her, “Hey, Power, looks at this ‘To Do’ list. How are you ever going to get this done?” Worry also tells her, “I have more strength over you than Hope.”

Sometimes, she may listen and allow Worry to gnaw at her, to set the tone for her day, to set the stage for failure. But Power needs the positive self-talk to take over each morning. She needs her voice to stand up to Worry and say, “Move out of my way, I am Power and my friend, Hope, and I do not need you.”

Power will say to herself each morning, “Worrying about tomorrow will sap me of my strength today.” And she will believe it. She will breathe in Hope and breathe out Worry. And she will. And you will too!

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