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“It is amazing, how much physical and emotional noise we all generate.”

Casey Blair

The sound of a coffee maker percolating. The whirring of a ceiling fan. The background noise of your neighbor’s air conditioner. The overhead sound of a helicopter. The trickle of your patio fountain. Playing children. Birds chirping.

One of my favorite sounds in the morning is not coffee in my Keurig - that is my husband’s deal. I’m not a coffee drinker. My favorite sound at 6 a.m. is the crunching of my ice maker as the crushed ice plinks into my Be Hippy thermos and the green tea flows over the ice.

I also love the soothing voice of a yoga teacher reminding me to focus on the importance of that mind-body connection. Yesterday, I enjoyed my regular Saturday morning practice via Zoom on my patio. Yes, Zoom is not the most ideal way to practice yoga, but as I have continued this routine, I have actually found myself in a place where it is easier to really focus on myself and my practice. I close my eyes and flow through my Warrior (not Worrier) poses.

As I was settling down into the relaxation phase of this yoga class, I was so amazed at my ability to tune out the noise. A distant helicopter overhead. The neighbor’s air conditioner. Birds fighting. A dog barking. My own worries.

And I realized that I, as a Hopeful Hippie, need to continue to tune the worry out and tune up my hope. I need to silence the noise of disappointment and embolden the sweet rhythm of perseverance. Those of you that are struggling - find that the soothing music to get through this time. Play your fight song - silence the noise.

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