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Nature's Message

So, for many Hopeful Hippies here in the U.S., we are “falling back”. What do you mean, “falling back?” We are Hopeful Hippies. We are taking a step forward every day with our hopeful hips. We are not taking backwards steps, but forward steps.

Let me explain this craziness to those outside of the U.S. where daylight savings time does not mess with your internal time clock. What it means is that our clocks get set back an hour and it takes a week or so to have our bodies acclimate to the new time. It means exhaustion and confusion for many. But it also lets us embrace a new season. It allows us to look at things differently.

The weather is changing. The trees are losing their leaves and sending us a message. As the breeze rustles the leaves causing them to fall, the trees are saying, “It is good to let go.” Let go of your anxiety, let go of your angst, let go of hurt and pain. Embrace hope. There is hope for your hips and those messages of hope come from many places–from stories of success, from stories of perseverance and even from the mouths of babes.

Today, in preparation for continuing to revise and refresh my outlook of hope with the changing of the seasons, I came across an amazing video of little boy who spoke words of wisdom. A journalist focused on interviewing our little humans and it was entitled, “Kinder. A Hopeful Idea”. This young boy said, “I feel very lucky to help somebody to get up and find their spot in life.” He also says, “It is really hard to not hit the jackpot of kindness!” How amazing is that analogy?

I feel like I have hit the jackpot of kindness most days. Even on those days that I don’t feel kindness from others, I try to be kind to others and to myself. Find kindness in yourself and be kind to yourself. Honor your strength and your tenacity. Start this new season by reaffirming your hope. Whether it is hope for healed hips or hope for determination or hope to be able to be kind through your struggles, find it and celebrate it. Let go of those leaves of pain, frustration, anxiety and hopelessness. Find your messages of hope. Replay those messages every day! Take a step forward, not back.

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