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Middle Finger Humor

I am always one to try to laugh myself out of nervousness and this week was no exception. I had my most recent MRA of my left hip. For all you non-hippies, what that means is that they stick an amazingly pointed and very long needle into your hip and fill it like a balloon so your incredible hip intricacies can be seen under MRI! It is the best feeling in the world. Well, I know you know I am being extremely sarcastic, but really it was not that bad.

But let’s go down this path towards a chuckle or two! So, of course, I get a mad scientist kind of nurse as I walk into the x-ray area. His eyes were gleaming, and it almost appeared like he was rubbing his hands together and saying, “Who is going to be my latest victim?” with that evil Joker laugh as he showed me all the shiny needles on the sterile tray. He looked at me, looked at the other nurse and then at the X-ray technologist and back at me as he wickedly said to me, “We are going to have fun today, aren’t we?”

Literally, my friends, I did not skip a beat. I looked at him dead in the eyes and said, “Well, there are two letters in that word and they DO NOT equal fun!” The other nurse laughed (loudly I might add) and said to me, “Oh, like F and U?” My response was, “You said it, I did not!” And they laughed and I lost my jitters.

So find humor in this hip journey! Help others see you as a person with a wicked sense of humor or a hopeful attitude instead of hip injection #10! Humor can get you through a lot of messy situations and laughter can be the best medicine to take your mind off of the medical madness!

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