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Let It Go

I found myself the moment I allowed myself to be soft. I found my strength the moment I stopped denying the sensitive nature of my being and accepted it as what makes me fully human..I found my strength the moment that I realized that sensitive and tender does not mean weak or inferior. - Ksusha Kaye

This is not going to be a long post tonight. I’m just plain tired. Exhausted. Did I say tired? But one of the Hopeful Hippies’ readers was talking with me about her need to find balance. And I thought about that. And I thought a little more and I decided to send her a message through this blog post.

I have not always been the most balanced person! Olivia tells me I have the personality traits of a Pitta which in layman’s terms and, according to my understanding, means a Type A personality who is focused on goals and achievement without having the balance of smelling the roses. I work on that though – every single day! That is why I love yoga. It forces me to relax and focus.

Yoga also provides me a sense of strength. I have always identified strength as having that stiff upper lip, the smile on my face and the “I’ve got this” attitude. But, through yoga, I also have come to realize that strength means honoring yourself and your body in its current state. It means asking for help, accepting help, and nurturing yourself so you can nurture others. So be strong by putting your needs first sometimes. Take care of yourself so you can help others. Let go of your “to do” lists (I know easier said than done). Let go of the need to be perfect. Let go of the need to appear strong. Embrace that by accepting your weaknesses and imperfections (hips and all), you find strength!

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Thank you, Maria. I needed to read that! You always inspire me. :)

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