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Katie's Perspective

Updated: Nov 25, 2021

Let me introduce myself. My name is Katie. I was given a new life on March 9, 2010. My perspective is one of warmth and security. I also have an amazing understanding of being protected and well cared for by two amazing human beings. My story is also one of love between two sisters.

The preparation began several months before from two opposite parts of the country. There were interviews and lots of questions. Intent. Perspective. Thoughts. Health. One sister lived in Michigan and the other in California. One sister was enjoying her adult life with three boys and the other one was a mom to two boys. One sister was a teacher and the other a stay-at-home mom. Both loved children. One sister loves to experiment with food and the other is as picky as a three-year-old. One sister was as strong as can be. The other sister – not so much. Precarious. Scary. Worrisome. One perspective was, “What about my kids?” The other perspective was, “What about her kids?” Strength. Positivity. Hope.

The plane ride was long. There were butterflies. I felt the adrenaline rush of nervousness and anxiety. I also felt the excitement of a new journey. The journey was designed to last a lifetime. To see kids grow up. To have grandkids. To get old. To provide love and care. To provide perspective.

Remember, my name is Katie! The perspective that I give is one of life and death. You see on March 9, 2010, my life changed drastically. The wisdom of the younger sister gave me an opportunity to help the older sister. I’m Katie – a kidney. I was transplanted from one life into another to give life. Sisterly devotion and selflessness.

My first owner is caring and loves intensely. My second owner is a picture of hope, optimism and extreme devotion to her family. They understand the importance of life and the significance of one question answered with your driver’s license. Consider answering, “Yes”. Hips can be healed. Eyes can see. Hearts can make music. Kidneys can filter out the distress of life with the happiness of love. Lungs can breathe in and breathe out.

Develop a hopeful perspective - one of gratitude. My current owner believes in healthy kidneys and hopeful hips. Look at a field of dandelions. Don’t see weeds. See wishes!

(This blog is dedicated to the selfless choice of organ donation.)

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