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Just That Kid That Wants to Have Fun!

Hey, listen up! Kid President has a message for you. If you don't know who Kid President is, I'll tell you. He is a hilarious, hopeful kid who wants to inspire others to be better and to celebrate hope and to, above all things, not worry!

He has a lot to worry about, but he doesn't worry. He is 15 now and he has osteogenesis imperfecta (OI). Only 1 in 10,000 people worldwide have this disorder. He is hopeful. OI is an inherited disease and, at last count he has broken 70 bones and had 30 surgeries. He is hopeful!

Can you imagine the pain of breaking your femur, your pelvis, your tibia, your fibula, your vertebrae and times that by seventy? Seventy is unimaginable to me. But through of all of it, Kid President is humerus (you need to laugh or roll your eyes at that pun)!

The message that Kid President has to share is that he is not a function of his OI. He is not the sum of his pain, surgeries or his challenges. He says, "I'm not that kid who breaks a lot. Like, I'm just -- I'm just a kid who wants to have fun." His message should be heard by us adults as, "You are unique, you have needs, but you are not the sum of your hip problems." Your hip pain is just one part of your travels in your life. You are not a "hip patient"! You are YOU. You just also happen to have a hip problem.

Kid President has many of the characteristics that make him hopeful - humor, optimism, positivity, empowerment, energy, silliness. His combination of hopeful traits may be different from yours. Again, you are unique. Your experiences are unique. Your outlook may be different. His recipe for hope includes an infectious smile, laughter and silliness. His recipe is baked with support and glazed with sweetness. How do you bake hope?

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