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Just Breathe

Music motivates me, but pictures are visual images of how I feel. This picture talks to me. At first glance and with my first gut response, I feel weightless as I look at this rainbow of flight.

One of my biggest flaws and one that I am keenly aware of is my ability to worry. I do this with amazing skill which is one reason why I practice yoga. Yoga keeps me in my quiet place. I am able to solely focus on my balance, my strength and my breath.

But outside of a yoga class, I continue to worry through all the hip issues, worry about the recovery, worry about my goals, worry about achievement. Worry. Worry. And MORE worry. The act of worrying is a heavy, clanking chain for me, and nighttime is the worst. It is when the voices of worry speak their loudest. It is when I run away from my quiet place to a deafening place. A place where there are sounds of jackhammers, sirens, ringing telephones, shouting, and chalkboards being scratched.

Many times at night, my mind indulges the voices of worry. Sometimes, a voice will tell me, “Hey, you need to let this go. You need to be present now, not tomorrow”. My inner yogi agrees with the voice and says, “Breathe”. My Type A, micromanager mind tells the inner yogi voice to be silenced.

Who wins?

When I can visualize pictures like these butterflies or of a whimsical yogi in a quiet place, I breathe, I win. I sleep and I wake rested. I am able to know that most of the worry is because I’m tired. Tired of it all. But when I wake rested, I feel exhilarated and empowered. The strength of an Exalted Warrior. I got this.

The butterflies take flight and I send my worry with them. That is the way it should be.

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